Learning Outcomes

Following the course the participants will be aware of:

Legislation and medication:

   * Be aware of the legislation and guidance that controls the prescribing, dispensing,  administration,
      storage and disposal of medicines.
   * Understand the legal framework, and how the organisation’s policies and procedures reflect  these,
     for safe handling of medicines (prescribing, dispensing, administration)

Roles, responsibilities and boundaries:

   * Understand the process by which medicines are prescribed, dispensed and obtained by the individual and
      the worker’s role in this process.
   * Understand the roles and boundaries of all workers with regard to the safe handling of medicines
      (prescribing, dispensing, administration, storage and disposal) in various care contexts.
   * Understand the need to seek guidance and support (and from where) about the medicine and dosage prescribed
       for a particular individual.
   * Understand the need for confidentiality, when and to whom information about an individual’s medication may
       be disclosed or discussed.

Types of medicine and routes:

   * Understand the importance of some types of medication prescribed and administration to individuals.
   * Understand the classification of medication.
   * Understand the different routes by which medicines are administered and by whom.
   * Understand the importance of noting and reporting any changes to an individual following administration of a
       medicine and the need to check contraindications and medicine interactions prior to administration of all medicines.

Safe practice in the administration of medicine:

   * Understand the need to obtain the individual’s consent and where applicable privacy, prior to administering medicines.
   * Understand the need to carry out a risk assessment for each individual requiring medication.
   * Understand the need for appropriate preparation prior to administering medicines.
   * Understand the need to ensure that the correct dose, of the correct medication, is given to the correct person
      at the correct time by the correct route and method.
   * Understand the need to correctly record.
   * Understand the need to report and seek advice.
   * Understand the requirements for careful and planned audits of medicine stock and its storage in accordance
       with the manufacturer’s instructions and organisational policies.
   * Understand the need for the prompt and safe disposal of unwanted or out-of-date medicines.